CNU New England is a cross-disciplinary network of professionals and advocates working to build strong cities and towns in New England. Our mission is to support the implementation of projects consistent with the principles of New Urbanism at the local, state, and regional levels; and to encourage the adoption of regulations that promote traditional human-scaled urbanism.

The 2014 Urbanism Summit

April 10 and 11 | Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts

The New England Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism is proud to host the Toolkit for Vibrant Neighborhoods Summit on April 10 and 11 in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. The Summit will address our current architectural, environmental, social, and economic issues as they apply to New England. As a group, we will seek to develop new strategies for responsible development and tactical change in our region. The Summit will provide a platform for speakers and attendees to collaborate on an actionable plan to move New England into a new era of progress. Critical discussion topics include local neighborhood investment, community mapping and measuring happiness, calming traffic and reimagining the right of way, bringing communities together for design charrettes, government leaders as advocates, housing for millennials and young professionals, and designing third spaces for social engagement. Sessions will focus on specific strategies that have been implemented: from outdoor dining, re-calibrating the price of parking, building complete streets, addressing home rule for improved collaboration, and retrofitting strip malls.